Image of Why Not (V-Neck)

Why Not (V-Neck)

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"Why Not" is a slogan for an interesting life
If you approach life with a "Why Not" attitude you will find that interesting things will happen. Now we are not advocating being reckless, but rather to be a little more adventurous. Many of us have learned that in order to be safe we should not take risks; but taking [educated] risks are good for us. So the next time your friends ask you to go skydiving say…. Why Not!

Tee type: V- Neck
Tee color: Black
Ink color: Gray
Available in sizes XS - 2XL

**Disclaimer: This design has print that goes over the neckline seam. This printing process will create a faded texture on the seam which varies shirt to shirt.

Printed on soft American Apparel tees. Manufactured in the USA, and sweatshop free. All RANDOM OBJECTS orders come with a "random object" and stickers.

  • Image of Why Not (V-Neck)
  • Image of Why Not (V-Neck)
  • Image of Why Not (V-Neck)
  • Image of Why Not (V-Neck)


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  • SMALL - Sold Out
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  • 2XL (XXL) - Sold Out

  • Image of Vision Test (sticker)
  • Image of Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (silver)
  • Image of Destination NYC
  • Image of CLOSED sticker
  • Image of Vision Test (black)