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I Want To Fly


Don’t make me walk when I want to fly.
Have you ever had a job and wonder "Why am I working here?"
Do you have a feeling like you are meant for greater things far beyond your current situation? It can be scary to change careers and follow your dream; but you know that you'll be happier if you did. We are all meant to do great things, but some people decide to settle for less for one reason or another. Birds can walk... but that is not what they are meant to do. It is time for you to fly my friend!

Tee color: Lapis Blue
Ink color: orange/ white
Available in sizes XS - 2XL

Printed on soft American Apparel tees. Manufactured in the USA, and sweatshop free.
All RANDOM OBJECTS orders come with a "random object" and stickers.

  • Image of I Want To Fly
  • Image of I Want To Fly
  • Image of I Want To Fly
  • Image of I Want To Fly


  • X-SMALL - Sold Out
  • MEDIUM - Sold Out
  • X-LARGE - Sold Out
  • 2XL (XXL) - Sold Out

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