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Dream Chaser


Chasing your dream is just like a marathon. It might take a long time of constant pursuit to finally achieve that dream. There are many prominent people throughout history that worked for years [or decades] before finally breaking through or accomplishing a major goal. So tie up your shoes because you should be chasing our dream on a daily basis... so get going!

Tee color: Cranberry
Ink color: Yellow
Available in sizes XS - 2XL

Printed on soft American Apparel tees. Manufactured in the USA, and sweatshop free. All RANDOM OBJECTS orders come with a "random object" and stickers.

  • Image of Dream Chaser
  • Image of Dream Chaser
  • Image of Dream Chaser


  • SMALL - Sold Out
  • LARGE - Sold Out
  • X-LARGE - Sold Out
  • 2XL (XXL) - Sold Out

  • Image of Vision Test (sticker)
  • Image of Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (silver)
  • Image of Destination NYC
  • Image of Vision Test (black)
  • Image of CLOSED sticker