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Build Bridges

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It is an unfortunate fact that too many people shut themselves off from knowing other people. This way of thinking needs to be changed! Humans by nature are social beings. We are supposed to share our experiences and ideas with each other, and look past our [few] differences. By doing this we open ourselves up to meeting new people and enriching experiences. As the quotes says, we should Build bridges, not walls.

Tee color: Lapis blue
Ink color: Light Gray
Available in sizes XS - 2XL

Printed on soft American Apparel tees. Manufactured in the USA, and sweatshop free. All RANDOM OBJECTS orders come with a "random object" and stickers.

  • Image of Build Bridges
  • Image of Build Bridges
  • Image of Build Bridges
  • Image of Build Bridges


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  • 2XL (XXL) - Sold Out

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